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Hello world!

It’s been a couple of months since we decided to create a web application for people to share their travels and now, after several days of intense private beta testing (thanks for all your feedback friends!), we are very glad to launch a public preview release of Wolpy.

For now we are basically a digital version of the typical push pin map of visited places, but in a few weeks we are planning to add a whole bunch of new features to let you share your travel experiences.

We’ve decided to give early access to the application because we really want your feedback. So sign up now and show off your friends and the whole world where you have been!

Enjoy Wolpy and keep an eye open to the great new features coming!



Great job guys!


Congrats, it looks top! :-)


So, when are you guys getting an API? :-P

Stuart Sheridan

Are you going to allow agencies to use your platform (i.e. white label) to custom design travel destination communities?

For example, a client of ours Visit Britain (all about getting people to visit Britain) would love to set up a branded site like yours for people to share & discuss travel “tips” and “secret” cool places for people to visit.

Let me know


Stuart Sheridan
Director Marketing Technology
Balance Interactive
P: 02 8920 1800
F: 02 8214 6815
0403 979 720


nice sitebut was it really necessary to copy the idea AND think of a very similar name

Joris (

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